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Motorcycle Insurance in North Carolina

You have your brand new motorcycle and just found out that North Carolina requires all motorcycle and motor scooter drivers to carry liability insurance specific to those vehicles. An active insurance card must be carried. Each policy needs to conform to the North Carolina Department of Insurance mandatory to cover physical damage, liability, medical expenses and for uninsured motorist coverage. Under-insured motorist coverage is also mandated.

Do not stress. Kale Insurance has policies that meet the requirements in North Carolina and we can discuss additional coverage tailored to your situation. If you have automobile insurance, a motorcycle can be added to that policy so you do not need to have a separate, new policy. We are licensed and keep up with all changes to mandatory insurance requirements so you do not need to.

We will need to make sure that you have meet the licensing and skills tests required for motorcycles before issuing a policy or adding an endorsement to an existing automotive policy. Safe riding and solid insurance are core values for us and we want to provide excellent service and peace of mind.

Remember that our insurance will protect you, your family, your property and your assets. In the event of an accident involving two or more parties, fault is determined. If you are at fault, you will need to pay for your repairs and injuries, if any, as well as those suffered by the others involved. Trusting us will give you the freedom to enjoy the open road, dirt trails and out of the way adventures on your motorcycle without worrying about “what if?”

We at Kale Insurance have expert agents, licensed in North Carolina, ready to help you. An online rating tool is available for you to learn more about motorcycle insurance policy options. Call Kale insurance today and speak to a Lincolnton, NC agent about motorcycle coverage.

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