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Renters Insurance in North Carolina

Moving into a new apartment, condo or house in Lincolnton, NC is exciting. Even if you are renting, it is your home and the place you keep your stuff and self. We at Kale Insurance are excited for you and we want to help you protect yourself and your stuff.

The landlord does not provide insurance that will protect your personal possessions even though those are kept inside a structure insured by the landlord. We know that it may seem counter-intuitive that an insurance policy can be split like that. We understand how confusing it is and we are here to guide you so that you can find the renters insurance that works with your lifestyle.

Insurance gives protection and peace of mind because you know if an accident happens, you will have help to get through it. Did you know that a landlord does not have to help with you with living expenses if the structure is damaged and cannot be lived in for a period of time? You not only need to pay for and find alternate housing, you usually need to continue to pay rent. This is a form of coverage called “loss of use” that will help you pay extra expenses.

Liability coverage, personal property coverage, and covered for medical expenses are all options to discuss with us to protect you, your family, your possessions and your assets. If a non-resident is injured inside the property, you can be held liable and be required to pay medical expenses and damages. Many landlords require a tenant to carry renters insurance because, if there is mixed liability for an accident, the insurance companies handle the details.

We at Kale Insurance have expert agents, licensed in North Carolina, ready to help you protect your and your stuff. Call Kale insurance today and speak to a Lincolnton, NC agent to learn more about renters insurance options.

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