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Umbrella Insurance in North Carolina

You may be curious about why you need umbrella insurance. The umbrella coverage is a liability insurance policy that provides protection over and above your other insurance coverage. This policy will be there to protect your finances and assets if an individual files a lawsuit against a covered family member or yourself. Umbrella insurance can also be used as the primary coverage for losses not covered by other insurance policies.

A Kale Insurance agent in Lincolnton, North Carolina can help you determine if you need an umbrella insurance policy. Accidents are never planned for, and any accident could lead to a lawsuit against you. These costs can exceed your current policy limits. Accidents like an automobile, swimming pool, or a fall on your property that leads to a serious injuries or death could result in a costly lawsuit.

A primary insurance policy will provide coverage, but they all have financial limitations. The umbrella policy will come into play when your homeowner’s, auto, boat, or watercraft’s liability coverage is exhausted to make sure you are protected. It can provide essential coverage for rare circumstances like a false incarceration or slander that is not covered under other plans. Umbrella policies provide a cushion when needed and are very affordable.

At Kale Insurance, you can rest assured that our friendly and professional independent insurance agents will help you determine your insurance needs. We will work to ensure the umbrella insurance is easy to understand and purchase. We provide insurance for the Lincolnton NC community and surrounding areas.

Contact the Kale Insurance in Lincolnton NC office today to speak with an agent about your umbrella insurance needs. The agent will explore your particular circumstances and current insurance policies, provide you with information and umbrella insurance options. We can provide a quote and answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to protect your financial future.

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